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Week Commencing 6th July
Week Commencing 29th June

Extended write this week

Week commencing 22nd June 

Week Commencing 15th June 




This week, you will be looking at how to do long multiplication. 


You will also be looking at how to do this with decimals!


This week, you will be looking at instruction writing! You should be amazing at this. I want you to really think about the powerful language you are using! 


This week, you will be looking at some SMSC Jigsaw lessons all about your mental health and trying to keep calm throughout everything that is going on! 

In Maths this week, we will be looking at algebra. Follow the video link below to watch the daily lessons and then the worksheets and answers are above. 



Below there is an explanation of this week's question type along with daily questions for practice and answers to help you mark your own work. 

Week Commencing 1st June



This week, you will be looking at fractions, decimals and percentages and the equivalence between these. Then, you'll move onto looking at how to find percentages of amounts.


This week, you're looking at BIDMAS and balancing the equal sign! 

Remember with BIDMAS - all about following the order. 

Remember with the equal sign - all about using the inverse operation to figure it out!

Extended Write - The Lost Boots. 

Mysterious! Another great image to get your imaginative juices flowing! 

You could turn this story into one with a happy ending or one with a scary cliffhanger.

We'd love to see your writing!!


This week, I thought it would be cool for you to describe two completely different characters from the Viking myth of Beowulf and Grendal. 

One is a brave hero. One is a hideous monster. 

Show us how different your description can be and make them as imaginative as possible.

Topic - Science 

This week, you're carrying on with science and learning all about the circulatory system! Basically, how the blood moves around our body and why it does this. 

The Heart and Circulatory System - How They Work

This animation features the heart and circulatory system and how they work. For more information, visit: ►

Week commencing 18th May



This week we will be focusing on calculating with decimals. Follow the link below to the daily Maths lesson videos and then find the worksheets and answers below. 


This week we will be practising some methods that you already know how to use but practice makes perfect. Check out the explanation if you're stuck. There are daily questions and answers so you can check.


Topic resources

Check out the explanation of the week below and get stuck in! There are help sheets and information sheets if you find any words tricky to understand or need more help. 

Week Commencing 11th May



This week, you are looking at division! 

You will look at short division (bus stop method) then move onto finding fractions of amounts. 


This week, you will be re-writing a Viking Myth! The video is below to have a look at. You may also want to do your own research on this myth to gather even more information! 

All the activities and support for the separate lessons are on the sheets below.


Your extended write activity for Monday is also below!


Here are the maths activities for the week with answers!

Odin creates the World | Primary English - Viking Saga Stories

Suitable for teaching 7-9s. This is an animated, abridged adaptation of the full Viking creation myth, which recounts how Odin creates the world. Subscribe f...


This week, the topic activities are all around Viking weapons and how they fight! You will be able to research this from the BBC bitesize website and then complete the activities. 

It's very interesting and gory!!

Week commencing 4th May



This week we are looking at using table facts and long multiplication. Daily practice and answers are below.




Follow the web link to see the daily video lessons. Below are the questions for each day and the answers so that you can check. 


Below is a picture prompt for this week's extended write and resources for English lessons on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 


This week we will be learning about Viking family life and how life was different for men, women and children in these times. See the resources below. 

Week Commencing 27th April





This week, we are looking at angles inside different shapes and then moving onto problem solving!



  • Angles inside a quadrilateral add up to 360 degrees.
  • Angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees. 
  • Angles on a line add up to 180 degrees. 
  • Angles on a point add to 360 degrees. 
  • Right angle = 90 degrees.
  • Opposite angles are equal!


This week, you are going to be researching the raid on Lindisfarne and write a narrative in the view point of the Viking!

Viking Raid on Lindisfarne (AD793)

The attack on Lindisfarne in 793 came from a viking settlement in the North, possibly originating in Norway. It was not the first time that raiders had attac...


Your topic activities

Week commencing 20th April



Below is an explanation and example of how to solve the questions this week. In the other links there are questions set for each day and answers. 


Follow the link to see the daily lessons and explanation videos then attempt the questions below. Answers are provided to check. 


Find your prompt for extended writing below and the resources to help you on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from the weekly timetable.

Topic resources

In this document you will find the resources for all week. We will be focusing on History and the Vikings. 

Watch the video links below to find out who they were and where they came from.

Other Resources 



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