Sequence of Learning Promoting Metacognition

When planning a topic, we consider the prior learning that children will be able to apply and make specific links to other knowledge. These links are identified and marked in our curriculum overview. We also consider any enrichment opportunities for children and the specific vocabulary that we would like them to learn in a topic. Every topic leads to a celebration outcome per term which is a chance for children to showcase their learning for a real purpose and audience. In classes, teachers will build up a topic learning journey on display with children.

At Bentley High Street, we teach our curriculum in blocks. We have one topic per term and throughout the term children study each subject in a block of one or two weeks. This ensures that children can be immersed into a subject linked to their topic and that their learning can build up following our sequence of learning. 

Each term, we do one subject whole school so that celebrations can take place. We have regular review weeks mapped in where pupils will review and revisit their learning so that things are remembered and learning is built upon. Here is the order of blocks for Spring term this year. 

Within each block, children will follow a clear sequence of learning based on metacognition which drives how we deliver our curriculum. This is guided by the following: