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SMSC is an important part of our curriculum, it is one of our core drivers which underpin everything we do. 


Throughout the year we plan opportunities through our topic to develop ourselves spiritually, morally, socially and culturally.


Below are examples of how SMSC is currently incorporated in our curriculum... 



PSHE – circle time.

Daily collective worship.

Show and tell in some year groups.

Study different religions.

Links with local church.

Forest schools.

Breakfast cub.

Self- reflection.



Mentoring – link with boundaries/ rules.

Create class rules/ mission statement.

Assembly on school rules.

Behaviour system across school (rewards and sanctions)

Links with British values.

Restorative discussion after arguments (needs more emphasis).

Oracy day – debate.



Voting for school council.

Brekfast clubs (building social skills)

Social events – galas, disco, family events.

Mentoring – relationship, friendships, nuture.

British Value targets.

British Value assemblies.

Sports teams.




Celebrate festivals.

Year 6 residential to London.

Sports clubs/ trainers.

Drama teacher/ club.

Art festival (British artist)

Black history month.

How more information on how SMSC is incorporated into our school lives please follow the links below ...