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Our commitment


At Bentley High Street we are committed in ensuring that children learn skills in reading and writing. Therefore, we endeavour to support all children in becoming effective spellers.


Why is it important that children learn to spell?


At our school we acknowledge that poor spelling can create a bad impression  because it is one of the first things a reader notices.

In addition; examiners, teachers, and prospective employers often place a lot of weight on spelling. Fears  about spelling can have a negative effect on a child's writing, especially their choice of words. Ultimately, even in these days of word processors there are still times when we need to write.


How is spelling taught in school?


Foundation and Year 1

Children have daily phonics lessons to build a solid foundation in spelling, reading and writing following the Read Write Ink programme.


Year 2

Children continue with phonics and when they are ready, they are introduced to the ‘No Nonsense’ spelling programme.

Weekly class spellings (which are tailored to your child's individual needs) are sent home.


No Nonsense Spelling is a complete spelling programme designed to meet the needs of the National Curriculum in a manageable way. The programme is easy to use, flexible and comprehensive and provides an effective programme to teach spelling from Year 2 to Year 6.


Year 3—6

Spellings are taught daily using a combination of the ’No Nonsense’ spelling programme and teachers own lessons to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum.

Spellings (which are a combination of the spelling patterns that have been taught and spellings from the statutory lists for that year group) are sent home either weekly or fortnightly dependant on the year group requirements.                                                                                          



For further information regarding our Spelling curriculum, please contact our Spelling lead Mrs Purvis. 


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