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Autumn Term

Can a meerkat live in the South Pole?

Does a meerkat really wear a hat and a scarf? This term we will find out if meerkats can live in the South Pole and where they really live.  Follow Marvin the meerkat as he travels across continents and oceans; locates where we live in the United Kingdom; as he  ventures by objects which are human and physical features on his way home.  During his adventure we will find out about all different types of animals and which group they belong to.  We will also learn about famous exciting explorers who visited the South Pole (Robert Falcon Scott).    

Spring Term

Where did and do the wheels on the bus go?

Step on the Big Red Bus as we take a journey through the past and present of vehicles.  What was the Big Red Bus like 100 years ago?  Fasten your seat belt, get your seasonal, healthy packed lunch sandwich and drive across the countries of the UK to find out.  Inflate your life jacket to set sail across the five oceans on an epic adventure.  Explore how the famous Wright brothers took flight in the first ever-manned flight.  Embark on the ultimate time travel experience as we learn about the four seasons and varieties of plants.

Summer Term

Are our toys more fun than our grandparents' toys?


Our learning journey will take us on an exploration of toys past and present.  Through this journey we will explore where toys are made, what they are made from and which toys we prefer to play with.  We will be designers and will explore how to make a toy with a slider, a teddy bear out of clay and a boat which will not sink. 

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