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Read the Busy People Police officer text Busy People: Police Officer What is a police officer’s job? How do they help people? How do they keep us safe? 



Jigsaw – Piece 4 - ‘Obstacles and Support’ 

Jigsaw focus: PSED, C&L

LI: I can use kind words to encourage people.

Ask the children how they feel about watching and hearing unkind things? How do you feel if someone says horrible things to do? What about when someone says something nice to you? How does this make you feel?

Challenge: Say something nice about one of your friends. Can you list some kind words that you could use to describe your friend?



Read the Busy People Teacher text, watch Miss Gray reading the story on Teams. What is a Teacher’s job? How do they help us? How do they keep children safe?



Make a 4 grid. Write the sub headings Teacher, Nurse, Police Officer and Fire Fighter. Can you remember what they do? How do they help us?



When you grow up what would you like to be? Why? How would you help people? Model the sentence ‘I want to be a ….. because......’


Extra Learning:

  • Can you make a 'people who help us' cone? Who is it? What do they do?
  • Can you match the emergency vehicle to the shadow?


Use the documents below for extra learning activities:





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