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Chinese New Year - Lion Dance



Tell the children that we are learning about Chinese New Year and this year it is celebrated 12th February. Discuss how CNY is celebrated there is a special dance called the Lion Dance that they do as part of the celebration. This dance is believed to bring good luck and happiness.


Watch the Lion dance video – discuss how they play the instruments encouraging the key words -  quickly, slowly, loudly, quietly.


Challenge: Watch the video again and other Lion Dance videos and talk about the way the instruments are being played. What instruments can you see/hear? Encourage children to use the key words.


Recap learning from yesterday and how CNY is celebrated. Watch the Lion Dance video again discussing how the instruments are played.


Introduce a selection of different instruments to the children – drum, tambourine and maraca.


Remind children of the key words and model playing the different instruments quickly, slowly, loudly and quietly.


Challenge: Can you use an instrument or have a go at making one at home? Can you apply the different skills to your instrument? Can you play it loudly. quietly, quickly or slowly?


You will need the instrument you made yesterday.


Share instruments that children have made. Repeat activity from yesterday children to use key words to sequence how they play their instruments. Do this together as a class by putting the key words in order and following the order of the key words to compose their own music.


E.g. First play loudly, then quickly, then slowly then quietly.


Challenge: Practise playing your instrument in different ways decide how you will play it putting the key words in order and following them.


Teach children about the Chinese Lion Dance explaining that there is not only music but there are also dancers.


Watch the video and try some of moves from the dance.


Challenge: Can you practise some of the moves learnt from the dance and add in some of your own moves. Put some music on and how will you dance? Can you do it quickly, slowly, loudly and quietly?

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