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This week we will be expressing ourselves using dance and music. We will be learning about the Chinese New Year and the famous Lion Dance.

Learning Intention:

  • Captures experiences and responses with a range of media, such as music, dance.
  • Initiates new combinations of movement and gesture in order to express and respond to feelings, ideas and experiences.

Key words:

Chinese New Year, Loudly, quickly, quietly, slowly, carefully, Lion Dance.



Watch the video again from Friday. Can children use the key words to sequence how they move in response to the music?


Sequence the key words putting them in order and using them to compose their own dance. Can they use any of the moves from the dance? Order the key words for how they will move; quickly, slowly, loudly, quietly.


Challenge: Put some music on and how will you dance? Can you do it quickly, slowly, loudly and quietly?



In Jigsaw this week we are thinking about how it feels when we have achieved a goal and know what it means to feel proud


Look through the PowerPoint presentation. Discuss a time when you have felt proud. What did you achieve? How did it make you feel?


Watch the story 'I'm proud of myself.' What things did the boy in the story achieve? How did he achieve his end goal? How did he feel when he had achieved his goals?


Complete the challenge sheet. Can you draw a picture of 4 occasions where you felt proud?




Explain to the children we are going to use the skills we have learnt to perform the dragon dance to parents. Ask the children to discuss which way they prefer to express themselves – through music or dance?


As a class compose their music and dance/play their instruments using the key words.

First …

Then …

Next …

Finally …

Practise the dance together.


Challenge: Practise the dance.  




Perform the dance together with musical instruments and dance following a sequence first, then, next and finally…


Challenge: Reflect on their dance/musical performance in preparation for tomorrow. Ask children what they have learnt? What they can do now that they couldn’t before, what they found easy/tricky, what their favourite way to dance or play an instrument was.




Class discussion reflecting on their performance with peers and others. What have children enjoyed about the performance?


Discuss CNY what have we learnt? Recap and share video.


Challenge: Re-watch the video and discuss what happens when it is CNY. Make a spider diagram or draw a picture of things that happen.

Extra Learning


  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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