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This week we will be talking about which people and places are special to us and why. We will be reading about Jesus and who was a special friend to him and Buddha.




Learning Intention: 

To understand similarities and differences between themselves and others, and among 

families, communities and traditions. 

Key words: 

Jesus, religion, beliefs, Christian, Buddha 



This week we will be talking about people who are special us. Who is special to you? Why? Create a mind map to explore different special people to us. Which places are special to you? Why?


Challenge: Can you draw the people and places that are special to you and why?


Tuesday: (Jigsaw Focus)

This week we are focusing in Jigsaw on the power of exercise. We will be considering why we exercise and the impact that exercise has on our bodies. Please look through the Jigsaw PowerPoint and answer the challenges and questions as you go!


Challenge: How many star jumps, hops and stand up/touch your toes can you do in 20 seconds? Estimate how many before setting a timer and trying it out. Complete your challenge on the sheet provided.



Identify some of the good qualities of a friend, being kind, caring, funny etc. Discuss the benefits and responsibilities of friendships and the way people care for others. How can you show that you are a good friend?  


Challenge: Reflect on the question ‘Am I a good friend?’ Can you write or draw some of things that make you a good friend? 



Using powerpoint tell children about Jesus and his 12 Disciples. Discuss why he chose them and why they decided to follow him as he was a good friend. Why do you think he chose the people he chose? Did he pick 12 people who were different/the same? Why? 


Challenge: Can you discuss with your grown up why you think he chose the people he chose. Who would you have picked and why? 


Look at the religious leader from another religion- Buddha. Discuss how this is an important to people today using the powerpoint. 


Challenge: Can you colour the pictures of the Buddha? 


Extra Learning:


Please find extra documents for home learning below.



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