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This week we have lots of exciting activities for you to get involved in.


On Monday we start by celebrating fair trade fortnight. Tuesday will be our usual jigsaw session. On Wednesday it is our careers afternoon where we will be talking about the careers involved in creating a book which feeds into Thursday where we will celebrate World Book Day. We will review our learning from the week on Friday with a fun quiz for children.

Look at Fairtrade and discuss what it is using the PowerPoint. Discuss what foods are Fairtrade and look at the logo. Do you have any in the house?


Challenge: Find all the Fairtrade logos on the foods and complete the colouring sheet discussing the different things that are traded.

Can you remember where any of them are from?

If not could you use the internet to find out?

Tuesday - Jigsaw Focus


This week we are continuing to investigate different kinds of exercise and the positive impact that this has on our bodies. The PowerPoint below will guide you through some a fun game that gets your heart racing and the opportunity to reflect on the impact exercise has on us. We have also set you some exciting fitness challenges that can be uploaded to SeeSaw.



Use the PowerPoint to look at how a book is made and what different processes there are in creating a book. Introduce the key language author, illustrator, shop assistant, customer. Discuss what happens first, then and finally.


Challenge: Look at books written by different authors. Can you create your own story using the picture cards to help you? Who will the characters be? Where will your story be set? Can you design a front cover for your story?



World Book Day: Dress up as your favourite character from a story. Look at the PowerPoint all about Julia Donaldson and discuss who she is. Look at some books written by her and ask children – have they read any of these stories before?


Read ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ and make a mind map of what kind of a character the Giant is.


Challenge: Can you make a crown for the kindest giant in town?



Use the PowerPoint to review the learning from the week in the Stringer/Gray Challenge Quiz.


Challenge: Tell someone at home about your learning from the week. What is Fairtrade? What products are traded? Who is Julia Donaldson? What stories did she write? What is an author? What is an illustrator?



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