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This week are focusing on reconnecting the children and getting them back into school routines etc.  


We will spend time reflecting on our learning from Spring Term so far as well as focusing on how we will integrate back into school. Children will look at our school rules and talk about how we will keep safe in our school bubble as well as discussing hand washing and germs. 


Discuss our school rules and talk about why it is important that we follow them. What other rules do we need to follow to ensure that we keep others and ourselves safe and happy in school? Share ideas and make a spider diagram.  


Read ‘My Back to School Bubble’ book and talk about how we feel being back at school and how we can stay safe. 


Jigsaw focus:  

LI: I know what the word ‘healthy’ means and that some foods are healthier than others.  

Look through the PowerPoint presentation. Do you know why we eat healthy foods? Should we never eat ‘less healthy foods?’ What does it mean to have a balanced diet?  

Challenge: Can you sort some given foods into a healthy and unhealthy pile? 

Can you draw some different healthy foods and label them? 


Discuss what germs are and explain how we can protect ourselves against them by washing our hands. Do the pepper test demonstrating how we protect ourselves by washing hands.  


Reflect on the learning from Spring Term using the PowerPoint. Discuss what a self-portrait is and how we can create one. Reflect on what materials we used and what skills we needed.  


Vote on a book to read with the children: Mouse House, The Great Race or Topsy and Tim Go To Hosptial  


Reflect on the learning from Spring Term using the PowerPoint. Discuss Chinese New Year as well as different jobs. What can we remember? Discuss and reflect on previous learning.  


Watch the video to support children’s learning and discuss the different ways the instruments are played. Can children use any of the key words?  


Read ‘Peace at Last’ discussing the story and what happens first, then and finally.  


World Maths Day: Use the PowerPoint to discuss what census is and what we use it for. 


Generate a question together giving children some examples, e.g. what is your favourite colour, what is your favourite animal? Choose a question and develop a graph to show the responses. Which one has the most? Which one has the least votes?  



  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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