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This week we are celebrating Science Week!  


We will be learning all about trains! We will learn about the history of trains, who invented the train and how they have changed over the years. We will also be talking about a British female scientist called Monica Grady, who is a now a professor of science.





Learning Intention: 

To celebrate science week 


Key words: 

  • train  

  • past 

  • car  

  • plane 

  • science  

  • history 



This week we are celebrating Science Week! To promote such a wonderful subject, we are researching famous female scientists. In F2 we are going to learn about Monica Grady. Using the power point talk about what she is famous for. 



Jigsaw focus- LI: To know how to get myself to go to sleep and why sleep is important. 

Go through the PowerPoint presentation. What do you do at home as part of your bedtime routine?  


Challenge: Can you order your bedtime routine. Do you dream? What about? Can you list the things you do to help you get to sleep? 


To celebrate science week we will be learning all about the history of trains and how Richard Trevithick launched the first locomotive. Using the power point discuss the way trains have changed over the years. 


Today we will be looking at different materials and why are they are suitable for some jobs and not others. Using the power point explore different materials. Which materials would we use for a train? Why? Can you sort the materials into wood, metal, fabric and plastic? 


Today we will be celebrating Comic Relief. We will be using the internet to find out information about the charity and what we do as a school to celebrate it. 

Weekly Overview Powerpoint:


  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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