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This week we will be discussing what things contribute to good health.   We will discuss how we keep clean, look after our bodies by exercising and how we eat healthy foods.

Learning Intention:

To show understanding that exercise, healthy eating, sleep and hygiene contribute to good health.


Key words:

Healthy, unhealthy, exercise, hygiene, sleep


Using the PowerPoint, we will discuss what foods are healthy.

Can children name any fruit and vegetables? Do they know any other foods that are good for us and why these foods are good for us?


Jigsaw: LI: I know to wash my hands thoroughly including before eating and after using the toilet.

Show the children the PowerPoint presentation going through the important of handwashing and sharing the video. What happens when you don’t wash your hands? What can germs do? Ensure children understand the 3 challenges set.


Using the PowerPoint look at why sleep is important and discuss what would happen if we don’t get enough sleep.


Discuss how we keep clean and why this is important to keep ourselves clean linking to germs. How do we look after our teeth? Why is it important to keep our teeth clean? Who can help us look after our teeth?


Using the PowerPoint discuss what exercise is and why it is important. Discuss different ways we can stay healthy and what ways we can exercise.


Talk about sports we may play or any exercise we might do outside of school.


Use the PowerPoint to do a super quiz linked to topic learning from the week.



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