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This week we will be taking part in a whole school Design and Technology Deep Dive! As we are reading the Three Billy Goats Gruff, we are going to design and make boats to help safely get the goats across the river. We will be learning about materials and deciding which are best to help the boat to float.





Learning Intention:

To know about similarities and differences in

relation to materials.


Key words:

Float, sink, materials, design, make



What do we already know about materials? We know the three little pigs used different materials to build their houses. What materials were strong? What other materials do we already know? Create a mind map of prior knowledge. This week we will be learning all about materials and why some are better for certain jobs than others. Would we build an aeroplane out of paper? A gate out of straw? Etc. Class discussion.



Jigsaw LI: To have an awareness of stranger danger and safe strangers

Watch the Youtube video of the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Did LRRH know the wolf? Do you think she should have spoken to him? Discuss in more detail what a stranger 'looks like'. What should you do if you get lost? Are there any safe strangers that can help you?

Challenge 1: Can you complete the stranger danger poster

Challenge 2: Can you sort the people into strangers and safe strangers



This week we will be designing and making a boat for the three billy goats gruff. They need to be able to get across the river to avoid the troll! Look at different examples of boats using PowerPoint. What shapes are they? Why do some have sails? Propellers? Rowing oars? Etc. Explore and investigate the different types of boats. What would be suitable for the billy goats? Could they row? Why not? Could they use a propeller boat? What about a sail boat? I think the sail boat would be better because….


Now it’s time to experiment with materials.! What does sinking and floating mean? If something floats it sits on the top of the water, if it sinks it goes underneath the water. Using water tray and a variety of materials such as paper, lolly sticks, cardboard, polystyrene foam etc. What materials sink and what floats? Can children create their own results using the chart given?


Today we get to design our very own boats! We need to create a drawing first so we know what shape, size and materials to use. Using the results found yesterday can we design a good boat for the billy goats? Using TOL to show reasoning design boat. I would not use paper for the boat because it’s not waterproof, but I could use it for the sails to catch the wind…. I wouldn’t use metal because it would be too heavy and would sink… I could use corks as I know they float… but how would the goats get in? etc.


Working with small groups ask children to design their own boats and write pupil voice for reasoning behind their choices of shapes and materials.


Today we are going to make our boats using the design we made yesterday. Support children in creating their boats and the end of the lesson have time to evaluate. Share our designs with the class in a show and tell style explaining reasons for choices. Encourage them to use the sentence…’’If I were to make my boat again I would…. because….’’


Extra Learning:



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