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This week we will be talking about our feelings and emotions. We will be talking about how to cope with how we are feeling and what we can do to help our feelings. 



Learning Intention: 

To talk about how they and others show feelings. 


Key words: 

Feelings, emotions, happy, sad, angry, scared 



This week we are learning all feelings or emotions. What are feelings? Watch Inside out video about feelings.  Now look at the images, how are the children feeling?


Tuesday: Jigsaw Focus:

LI: I can identify some of the jobs I do in my family. 

Consider: What is family? Are all families the same? Discuss differences in the make-up of everyone’s families. What is it about your family that is special to you? 

Read out some of the house jobs (chores) to the children (from the PowerPoint presentation). Children must put their thumbs up if they do this job to help at home and a thumbs down if they don’t. What other jobs do they do? 

Challenge: Draw and write about the jobs you do at home to help out. 




Today we are going to talk about what makes us feel certain emotions. As a class create a mind map of what makes us feel happy, angry, scared and sad. Why do they make us feel that way? 



Yesterday we spoke about what things make us feel an emotion, today we will talk about how we feel and look when we are angry, sad, scared or happy.  

How do our faces look when we feel sad, happy, angry or scared? Using directed sheet write down/draw examples using class idea’s.  



It can be very tricky to control our emotions. Today we are going to talk about how we can calm ourselves when we feel angry, how to cheer ourselves up when we feel sad and how to make ourselves feel less scared. 


Extra Learning:



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