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This week we will be talking about plants and discussing the different parts of plants and their functions. Children will learn about the life cycle of a plant discussing changes.

Learning Intention:

To label the parts of a plant



Why, how, grow, plant, because, flower, petals, stem, leaves, roots, seed.


Children to discuss their prior knowledge of plants. We have discussed plants that grow in the ground when we talked about harvest festival. Adult to scribe what children know on spider diagram for topic display.

Tuesday - Jigsaw Focus

LI: To know how to make friends to stop feeling lonely

Look at the PowerPoint Presentation. Slide 3 - How is this child feeling? Do you know what lonely means? have you ever felt lonely? What is it that makes a good friend? Consider together a list of things that you might look for in a friend. What do you think your friends like about you?

Challenge 1: Build a friend game (see resource below)

Challenge 2: Can you make a friendship bracelet for you and your friend out of just beads and pipe-cleaners?


Use the PowerPoint to discuss the parts of a plant. Describe what the different parts of a plant do and why they are important. Model labelling the parts of a plant encouraging children to join in with sounding out the parts of a plant.


Discuss what plants need to grow watching the video link on the PowerPoint. Discuss what children think will happen if the plant did not have sunlight/water. Ask children why a plant needs roots and leaves using prior knowledge from yesterday. Can children recall facts? Revisit slides from yesterday to support.


Discuss the life cycle of a plant focusing on each step in detail using the PowerPoint. When reviewing at the end of the day children to order the steps discussing what happens at each step of the plants life cycle. Can children answer the review questions:

  • What do plants need to grow?
  • Why is it important for plants to get water and sunlight?
  • Are plants living?
  • What do the roots do?
  • How does a plant grow new plants?

Other Activities:




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