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This week we will be talking about growing and planting seeds. We will recap prior knowledge from last week and apply it to a cress experiment. Children will grow their own cress and we will discuss the best places for it to grow and why it may not grow in certain places.


Learning Intention:

To make observations of plants and explain why some things occur, and talk about changes.



Why, how, grow, plant, because, flower, petals, stem, leaves, roots, seed.

Tuesday - Jigsaw Focus

LI: I can think of ways to solve problems and stay friends

Look at the PP presentation. Can you help resolve the conflict between the friends? Watch the YouTube video. Have you ever fallen out with a friend? What happened? Why? How did you feel? How did you become friends again?

Challenge 1: Sometimes friends fall out and we can get angry. Can you fill out the anger chart to show what happens to your body when you are angry. Also can you say what is the best way for you to calm down so that you and your friend can try and resolve the conflict.

Challenge 2: Can you sort the cards into 'friendly' and 'unfriendly.'



Read Sams Cress Seed story. Tell the children that we are going to plant our own cress seeds. Use the PowerPoint to discuss what plants need to grow and put the pots in different places around the classroom. Children to share their ideas about where they think the seeds will grow the best.  


Look at the cress and see how it is growing. Water all the seeds and discuss progress so far. Model writing the predictions for what children think will happen and where they think the seed will grow best.


Discuss the progress of the cress seeds. Look at the changes and discuss why some changes have/have not happened. What do you notice? Why is that happening?


Look at what the children say and discuss who they think is right.

Provision Activities 



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