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This week we will be learning about the differences between Africa and where we live in England. We will read the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and compare the animals, plants and weather between both places. 



 Learning Intention: 

To know the similarities and differences between places. 











This week we are comparing different places. We will be looking at the country Africa and where we live in England and seeing what things are the same and different.  


Let’s think of what we already know. We celebrated Black History month by looking at African art and dance, we have been looking at plants and what they need to grow and we have explored different types of animals such as zoo, farm and polar. Create a mind map of prior knowledge for the topic display. 


Today we are going to read the story Handa’s surprise. It’s all about a little girl who lives in Africa. 



Jigsaw - LI: To know how to manage my feelings

Together we will consider some of the big feelings and emotions we can have. Have you ever felt really angry? What do people do when they are angry? Let's think of some ways that we can calm down and practise some of them.

Challenge 1: Sort the pictures into happy, sad and angry.

Challenge 2: Can you create your own calm down caterpillar?




Today we will be looking at the different fruit, animals, plants and weather in England and in Africa. What things are different? Are there any things that are the same? Class discussion about the similarities and differences between England and Africa. 



Can you help Miss Gray/Miss Stringer sort the animals into African and English? How do we know they are in the right place? Can you help sort the plants? What can we remember to help us sort the plants? What do plants need? Class discussion. 



Today we will recap our learning of the week. Can you answer the questions on our Mini Quiz?  


Extra Learning:



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