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This week we will be talking about where we belong and what special groups we are part of. Children will learn about other religions and how they welcome people into their religion and beliefs e.g. at a christening.


Learning Intention:

L.I: They know about similarities and differences between themselves and others, and among families, communities and traditions.









Discuss children’s prior knowledge.

  • Being kind to others
  • Making friends and keeping friends – Jigsaw sessions
  • Following the school rules and working as a class


Discuss belonging – what does it mean to belong? Talk to the children about different groups that they may be a part of. Children to share what groups they are part of discussing where they belong.


Jigsaw Focus: LI: To know how to be a good friend.


Watch the video on the PowerPoint. What is the song about? Do you know any other songs about friendship? Looking closely at the characters, can you match up the best friends? Do they always get along or do they sometimes fall out? What do they do to make sure that they stay good friends?

Challenge 1: Can you use the template to make a picture of you and your best friend? Can you explain why you like your best friend so much?

 Challenge 2: Can you create a kindness flower? On the petals list all of the qualities of a best friend.

Challenge 3: Write on the heart how you will be a good friend.



Discuss the new knowledge and skills talking to children about how Christians have a christening to welcome babies. Go through the PowerPoint talking about the symbols of a christening and what things happen. MTYT for symbols and new vocabulary. Ask chn – have you been christened? Following on from the PowerPoint watch the video and look at things that have been discussed talking about what is happening and things the children notice.



Recap a christening and see if chn can recall the symbols used in a christening including a cross – why is this an important symbol? Discuss other religions and how they welcome babies/people into their religion. Point out similarities and differences between these religions and beliefs modelling think aloud’s. Teacher to make a table discussing similarities and differences between Christianity and other religions. What is the same? What is different? Support children’s understanding and discussions.



Recap the table made yesterday discussing similarities and differences between the religions and what they believe. Answer the questions on the PowerPoint.

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