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This week children will be exploring a variety of music and discussing how the music makes them feel. Children will also learn that we can express ourselves in lots of different ways and they will have a go at representing their thoughts feelings and ideas through a range of different media.


Learning Intention:

To represent their own feelings thoughts and ideas through art, music, dance, role play and stories.



Express, feelings, loudly, quietly, quickly, slowly

Tuesday - Jigsaw


LI: To name the parts of the body 

Can you draw an outline of a person? Could someone even draw around you? Can you name any part of the body? Have a go at labelling the body outline. You could try and label: ears, knee, forehead, leg etc. How many labels can you add? 

Challenge 1: How many of each bodt part do you have (see challenge sheet) 

Challenge 2: Body Parts game. Roll the dice and move your counter. Name the body part that you land on. 


What music do children like? Why do you like it? How does it make you feel? Does everyone like the same? Listen to some music suggested by the children and then play some songs they may be familiar with. Do children like them? Why? Why not? How do they make you feel? Allow children to stand up and express themselves to the music.

How are they moving?

Are they moving slowly? Quickly? Quietly? Loudly? 


Scribe the different ways that the music makes us feel when we listen to it.


To listen to different types of music – do you like it why? Why not?

Discuss the different ways that we can express ourselves. Yesterday we used dance to express ourselves what other ways can we express ourselves?


Model creating a piece of artwork in response to music. Model think aloud’s and talk about the way the music makes you feel.

Explain the choices of colours used and what the music makes them think of/feel.


Listen to the music and explore how music is used in stories and for films.


Think about the story ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’


Read the story together and children to create movement in response to the story. Looking at the first part – how do Rose and her mum feel? What instruments might we choose to create this emotion for the readers?


Next she ran into the woods and an old lady gave her a present. What noises could we make?


Then the porridge is cooked. But then the mum forgot to tell the magic porridge pot to stop.. What instruments might we choose? How would we play it?


Quiz: Matching artwork with feelings

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