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This week our topic will look a little different. This week children will be reading the story ‘Tiddler’. We will be covering a range of learning all based around the wonderful story. We will be completing different activities to plug gaps for our final term. 




Jigsaw Focus: 

LI: To understand that we all grow from babies to adults. 

Look at the PowerPoint Presentation together. There are some pictures of people at different ages. Can we put them in order? Which picture should come first and why? As we get older we can do more things. What are you excited about being able to do when you’re older that you can’t do now? 

Challenge 1: Complete the journey by drawing pictures from baby to adult. 

Challenge 2: Match the baby animal to it’s adult version 

Challenge 3: Write down something that you will do when you are older that you can’t do now. 



  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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