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This week will be focusing on children’s PLOD gaps. We will use the text ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ to explore these gaps.


Read the text ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ stopping at key points to discuss what is happening in the text. Ask children what they think will happen next and encourage children to predict.


Discuss the language in the story and word meanings: dainty, cunning, map, thieves, steal, cops.  

Tuesday - Jigsaw Focus

LI: I can express how I feel about moving into Year 1


What emotions do the picture show? Can you move around the classroom in a way that shows that you are feeling happy? Feeling sad? Feeling fearful?

Soon you will be year 1s! It's normal to feel lots of emotions about this! How do you feel about moving into Year 1? Together make a list of these emotions. Listen to the story 'The Huge bag of worries' on YouTube. Why is it best to share worries? Thinking about year 1 - What are you excited about? Are you nervous/scared about anything?

Challenge 1: Write down your worry for the worry monster about year 1. If you don't have one then you can write down any worries you might have.

Challenge 2: Design your own worry monster

Challenge 3: Using the resources available. Can you make a worry monster?


Re-read the text ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ and then model creating a map like the one in the story. Write instructions around the map with the children’s support.


Open the gate

Pass the horse

Round the duck pond

Pas the sheep

Go in to the shed.


Model concepts about print  

LA: Emphasise direction of text  (L –R) and top to bottom MA/HA: Distinguishing between: Phase 2 capital letters/ lower case; & words/


Challenge children to have a go at creating their own map using the story to support them. They could even draw a map of how they get home or a map to get the treasure etc.


Discuss how long it might have taken the thieves to travel through the farm. Explore time discussing how long it takes to brush our teeth, how long something might take to cook, how long we have for lunch etc.


Get children to predict how long it will take them to do 10 star jumps/match all the words/write their name etc. Children to complete their activity and write the actual time it took to complete.


Challenge children to time themselves completing different activities indoors/outdoors in the provision.


Have the characters from the story on the board. Tell the children that they have been mixed up and you need their help matching the picture to the correct label.


LSA to take LA’s.


Use the characters from the story and give each child an animal. Read the name of the animal. Children to move around the room and when the music stops they tell another child what animal they have. Is it the same?

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