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Jigsaw Focus:

LI: I can talk about how I feel about my worries and the things I am looking forward to about being in Year Share with the children some scenarios about moving into Year 1 (see PowerPoint). What would you do in this scenario? Problem solve the scenarios together.

Are there any worries that you have about year 1?


1) Tell your new teacher some of your favourite things so that they can get to know you.

2) Add what you are worried about/excited for when moving to Y1 to the jars.

3) What do you wish for when you move into Year 1?


Share the story ‘Supertato’ with the children stopping at key parts to discuss what is happening. What happens first, then and finally.


Discuss what might happen next and stop at key parts to ask questions.


Re-read the story and model creating a comic strip after reading the story.


Look at some examples of comic strips and ask children if they have read comics before.


Children to create their own comic strip in provision using the story as a guide and writing some speech from the characters.


Discuss supertato as a character – what kind of character is he?


Talk about superheroes and ask the children what kind of superhero they would like to be and why.


Scribe ideas and support children by giving them some ideas.


Encourage children to use full sentences when describing what kind of superhero they would like to be.


Children to draw a picture of the kind of superhero they want to be and then write a sentence to go with their superhero.



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