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Vocabulary Project


The purpose of the vocabulary project

Historically at Bentley High Street, children enter the early years working below age related expectations in the prime area of communication and language and a common learning barrier faced by our vulnerable pupils was ‘barriers in their ability to communicate’, therefore the need to analyse and strengthen how communication and language is taught and assessed in the early years was identified and the vocabulary project created.

Findings of the EEF’s research into communication and language approaches outlined:

Overall, studies of communication and language approaches consistently show positive benefits for young children’s learning, including their spoken language skills, their expressive vocabulary and their early reading skills. On average, children who are involved in communication and language approaches make approximately six months’ additional progress over the course of a year. All children appear to benefit from such approaches, but some studies show slightly larger effects for children from disadvantaged background.


Based on research outlined by speech and language therapists ( age related expectations of children from birth to age 7 were developed in the following areas of communication on language:

  • Listening              
  • Vocabulary         
  • Sentences           
  • Verbal grammar              
  • Concepts            
  • Questions           
  • Possible implications if milestones not achieved

Key skills and vocabulary outlined at each setting are used to plan and asses children’s strengths and areas of need. Opportunities to teach and strengthen skills and then built into:

  • Planning
  • Individual targets
  • Home learning
  • Learning environment
  • Selection of class texts
  • Pre teach packs
  • Parental involvement

Through the outlined approaches above we aim to ensure we have closed the communication and language gap that affects many of our pupils and that they are equipped with the required spoken language skills that will enable them to become successful independent learners.



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