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Week Commencing 04/01/21

Hi everyone! 


Here we have your work for this week if you are at home.


For this week’s reading, we are studying part of an information book, called ‘Trekking in the Congo Rainforest’. We will study the different ways that it is set out, as well as how the vocabulary is used to accurately describe and explain everything covered in the book.

In reading comprehension on Friday we will be focused on a book called “The Wolves in the Wall”. Our focus for the week is to make inferences from illustrations and justify our answers.


In English we will be looking at a Central American festival: El Dia del Muerte, or day of the dead. We will be doing some research into what this is, why does it happen and where. After completing some research you will be creating a fact file about the day.


In maths, we will be recapping previous learning on multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. We will then move onto multiplying and dividing by 1000. If you are feeling confident, have a go at completing the Multiples of 10s, 100s and 1000s worksheet. Each of the worksheets contain some fluency questions and also some problem solving and reasoning questions (make sure you answer these question in full sentences using mathematical language).


Topic: we will be doing RE this week. Our big question is; ‘Why do some people believe God exists?’ We will be learning what theist, atheist and agnostic means, and also looking at the reasons why some people believe in God whilst other people may not. We will then look at the different metaphors that Christians may use to describe God, following which you will think about creating your own metaphors.


We have also included a Jigsaw activity for you to complete.


Please continue to practice your spellings and read three times per week (please remember to sign your planner and bring it into to school as much as possible). Remember, we also put homework onto Seesaw once a week.

We hope you have a great week.  


Love, the Year 5 team


Remote learning letter W/C 04.01.20

Timetable (updated)

Reading Comprehension

Friday PM Lesson: Jigsaw



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