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Week Commencing 09 November

Hi everyone! 


Here we have your work for this week if you are at home. 


For this week’s reading, we will be using Demon Dentist by David Walliams. Our focus will be ‘Words in Context’, which will help us to develop our vocabulary and understanding of the words we read. Throughout the week, we will also be developing our fluency through text marking.


In English, our focus is still on “The girl who saved Christmas”. This week we are studying the aftermath of the troll’s attack. What will this mean for Santa and his elves? Will they be able to continue with Christmas for this year? How will they fix his sleigh? The children will be writing more description about the aftermath, with a focus on the devastation caused.


In our extended write this week, we are focused on remembrance week in the UK. You are going to imagine you are a soldier on the front line in WW1. Your task is to write home, to your family. Things to include:

  • Describe what it’s like on the front lines, what can you see (think of an important flower), hear, feel every day.
  • What do you miss most about being at home?
  • Who do you miss most?
  • Who are you fighting against? How do you feel about them?


In maths, we will start the week looking at two-way tables. We will then move onto looking at time, which will be in preparation for our Timetable work we will be doing next week. We finish the week off by doing problem solving activities using two-way tables.


In topic, we are onto the second of our two-week Science focus. This week we begin looking at forces. We will investigate what is a force? What does it mean for a force to be non-contact? After, we will move on to what is gravity? How are things such as air resistance, and friction, directly connected to gravity.




Love, the Year 5 team

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