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Week Commencing 11/01/21

Hi everyone! 


Here we have your work for this week if you are at home.


For this week’s reading, we are focused on the book ‘Looking for a Jaguar’ by Susan Kate. This is a collection of different poems all about the different animals found in a rainforest. Our week’s focus will be on making comparisons within texts.

In reading comprehension, we are again focused on the Wolves in the Wall book. This week our focus will be prediction.


In English this week, we will be starting our new unit of writing. Its focus will be on ‘Dia del Muerte’ or Day of the Dead in Mexico. We will study what it is, what its connection the Ancient Mayan population is. After, we will then look at how it is represented in different media. Our main focus will be on its representation in the James Bond film ‘Spectre’. We will watch a couple minutes of the opening sequence before attempting to describe it accurately.


In maths, our focus is on Perimeter. We will start with how to measure perimeter, looking at perimeter on a grid, rectangles, rectilinear shapes, and how to calculate perimeter.  You also have a different times table activity to do each day, this week we are starting with 3s.


Wider Curriculum: Geography. Within these lessons we will be completing in depth looks at things to do with our planet and the different zones. What makes a climate zone? Why are rainforests more common in certain places than others? After completing this, our focus turns to rainforests specifically, what layers are in a rainforest? What animals? What threats to rainforests encounter?


Please continue to practice your spellings (you have 5 different activities to complete) and read at home as often as possible. There are also 3 handwriting sheets, which practice our spellings list. Remember, try to complete a PE activity on Wednesday afternoon and there are also resources for a Jigsaw lesson on Friday.  


We hope you have a great week.  


Love, the Year 5 team.



Time table for the week

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