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Week Commencing 15th March

Hi everyone! 


In English this week, we are going back to the basics which means a SPAG focus. This will continue on from last week. Our focused objectives are the past and present tense, co-ordinating conjunctions, apostrophes and expanded noun phrases. Each day will focus on one objective.


In maths, we are again recapping past objectives. This week our focus will be multiplication; multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000, moving onto using our knowledge of times table facts to multiply and divide mentally, next we will recap how to complete short multiplication calculations, before our final objective which will be looking at square and cube numbers. Finally, on Friday we have a problem solving lesson, completing a mixture of all the week’s objectives.


In reading comprehension this week our focus is on a mixture of different comprehension skills. The questions will be a combined mix of both vocabularies based – explaining the meaning of words in specific contexts and well as retrieval and record questions.


Wider Curriculum – This week marks the start of our two Science block. On Monday our focus is on recapping the previous terms learning. On Tuesday we will look at a famous female scientist who is connected to our Spring module: Living things and their habitats. Our chosen scientist is Jane Goodall, the primatologist. Following that, we move our attention to Science modules which you will cover next year, therefore we will be focused on Electricity, and how its produced and used.


On Wednesday we will be having our Jigsaw lesson, which you will find resources for on the remote learning page and in the paper copy packs. We finish the week with a PE lesson as well as some activities to raise awareness for Comic Relief.


Please continue to practice your spellings and read at home as often as possible.

We hope you have a great week.  

Love, the Year 5 team.

Timetable and Remote Learning Parent Letter

This week our times table focus is 4s. We will be completing a range of activities to help us remember our 4 times table. You could have a go at some of the worksheets below, or maybe you could come up with your own way to help you to remember them?


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