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Week Commencing 19th October

Hi everyone! 


Here we have your work for this week if you are at home. 


In our two-week Reading block, we have been looking at three different books, Tuesday by David Wiesner, FArTHER by Grahame Baker-Smith and Street Child by Berlie Doherty. These books are different as one is a picture book, one has only a few words and the last book has text but no illustrations. Whilst looking at these three books, we make inferences from what we see in the text and the illustrations. Our main focus for this reading unit is to make predictions based on what we read and what we see in a book. At the end of the two-week block, we would like to complete a book evaluation stating which of the three books you preferred and why.


In English, this week we begin with edit and improving our poems about the planets, with a focus on how many syllables we use! After that we will write them up in neat – ready for use in DT. After that we have a chance to perform them to other children within school.


In maths, we will be continuing on from last week. We will be learning how to read and interpret line graphs, learn how to draw line graphs before finally learning how to use line graphs to solve problems. As Thursday would be our final day in school, and a bit of a Halloween fun day, we have included some Halloween maths challenge cards for you to complete.


In topic, we will be doing Design Technology. Our objective will be to create a pop-up book for the younger children in school. To tie this into our topic, in school we will be creating a poetry book on planets in our Solar System. I have attached some images to support you with this at home, but maybe you could do some research to find some text to put into your book? You could create a piece of poetry or make it a fact book.  


It has been lovely to welcome you back into school this half term! We hope you have a wonderful half term break, stay safe and we will be looking forward to seeing you all back after the holiday.    


Love, the Year 5 team

English - Poetry Write up document

Tuesday by David Wiesner

Based on the award winning book "Tuesday" by David Weisner

Street Child Chapter 7

Jim makes a momentous decision...what do you think it will be?

Topic (Design Technology)

Spelling Test



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