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Week commencing 21st September

Hi everyone! 


Here we have your work for this week if you are at home. 


In Reading, you will first look at how to summarise and will practise this by summarising yourself. You will then be looking at another book called The Undefeated. Here is the link to this book:

You will be analysing this book and then comparing it to Here We are.


In English, you will be focusing on planning your letter and then writing it!!! You get two days to write it but if it takes longer, that’s fine. Try to focus on your coordinating conjunctions when writing to add more detail to your sentences!


In maths, we will finish our study of numbers with up to 7 digits, before moving onto the tough subject of negative numbers going through zero. We then will finish our week by looking at Roman Numerals!


In topic, we are doing art. You will be creating a collage of a planet which will go on display for our school community and visitors to enjoy! You will review previous learning, think about what techniques will be required for you to create a collage, plan your resources and implementation, and then create a final, perfected piece.


Have a wonderful week! 


Love, the Year 5 team

Kwame Alexander reads The Undefeated

Watch the fantastic Kwame Alexander read aloud from his book The Undefeated, which remembers unforgettable, unafraid and unbowed, famous and overlooked figur...



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