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Week Commencing 22/2/21

Hi everyone! 


In English this week, our focus will be starting a brand new unit of writing. We will be beginning a unit on persuasive letter writing. Our focus, is something we hope children will find very interesting and relevant: convincing Infinity Ward, the games producer, to unban certain people suspected of cheating! This week will be a focus on the key features of both persuasive writing and letters.


In maths, we are continuing our unit on fraction. This will involve looking at a variety of different fractions and how we compare then especially when they are smaller or greater than one. Our times table focus for the week is the 9s.


In reading comprehension this week our focus is on a non-fiction text all to do with fishing! Very exciting. The is a variety of different question styles this week, with no one particular focus.


Wider Curriculum – this week’s focus is music. Our sequence of learning:

  • Pitter-Patter raindrops: Listening to body percussion, introducing children to the terms ‘structure’ and ‘texture’ and identifying these features in the music they hear. LI: To identify structure and texture.
  • Rainforest body percussion: Children to practise the ‘Boom, Snap, Clap’ rhythm using body percussion, personalising their sequence with the introduction of a ‘stamp’. LI: To use body percussion.
  • The rhythm of the forest floor: Children create their rainforest compositions with the forest floor and understory layers, creating body percussion rhythms to suit the movement of the animals within each of the two layers. LI: To create musical rhythms using body percussion.
  • The loopy Rainforest: Children to create ‘repeated melodies’ or ‘loops’ for the canopy and emergent layers of the rainforest, taking into consideration pitch and tempo. LI: To create simple tunes.
  • Sounds of the rainforest: Children combine the four sections of their compositions, building structure through combining rhythms and melodies and adding dynamics and tempo. LI: To build and improve a composition.

Please continue to practice your spellings and read at home as often as possible. There are also 3 handwriting sheets, which practice our spellings list. Remember, try to complete a PE activity on Wednesday afternoon, as well as some daily exercise, taken from the Active Fusion sheets. There is also resources for a Jigsaw lesson (about being healthy) on Friday afternoon.


We hope you have a great week.  

Love, the Year 5 team



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