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Week Commencing 7th December

Hi everyone! 


Here we have your work for this week if you are at home.


We are having an exciting week at school in year 5 this week! On Wednesday we will be having a career day, with many activities based around the children’s future choices and on Friday we will be having our Space topic day (as an alternative to going on a school trip), therefore you will find special sections on this week’s remote learning page dedicated to the activities we have planned for these two days!


For this week’s reading, we are studying part of a comic strip, called Bandette. We will study the different ways that it is set out, as well as how the vocabulary and characters are used differently to other fiction writing.


In English this week, we will be continuing to use the John Lewis advert ‘Man on the Moon’ as a stimulus to write a diary extract from the perspective of the old man. This week, you will be watching the video again to remind ourselves of the range of emotions in the clip. You will then complete a graphic organiser to organise your ideas of how you will write your diary. You will then write your three paragraph diary extract (as if you were the old man). Finally, you will have a go at editing and improving one of the paragraphs of your writing.


In maths, our focus is on different types of numbers. First, prime numbers - a number only divisible by itself and one. Then square numbers, the product of a number multiplied by itself. Finally, we will look at cube numbers, the product of a number multiplied by itself twice.


Topic: Computing. This week in computing we have two goals. First will be a in depth look at E-Safety. Once we have mastered that, we will then move on to creating a Stop-Motion animation, to display to other children teaching them about how to stay safe online.


Please continue to practice your spellings and read three times per week (please remember to sign your planner and bring it into to school as much as possible). Remember, you will be entered into the raffle if you do this!


We hope you have a great week.  


Love, the Year 5 team


Weekly Learning Leaflet

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015 #ManOnTheMoon

This is the story of a young girl called Lily. Looking at the moon through her family telescope one night, she is amazed at what she finds, a man on the moon...

Friday (Space Topic Day)



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