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Weekly spellings

Week Commencing 29th June​​​​​​​
Week Commencing 22nd June
Week Commencing 15th June
This week, we are looking at words with the letters 'ough' in them. This is tricky as the same letters can make different sounds so it is important that you know the words, how to read them and what they mean. 
Week Commencing 1st June

This week, you are looking at the suffix 'fer' and the rule when using this. 

A little trickier than other rules but it really helps to say the words out loud!

This week we are continuing to look at homophones but with a different set of spellings to learn and more activities linked to this area of spelling. 

Week Commencing 11th May

This week you are looking at homophones! 

Especially the words you would often get confused with when writing! 

Check out the sheet below to see what your spellings for the week are and some activities. 

When to Use They're, Their, or There: Using Homophones for Kids - FreeSchool

They're, their, and there. They sound the same, but they are not interchangeable! If you're not sure which version of they're/their/there is right for you, w...

Week Commencing 4th May 


This week we are looking at words that end with 'ible' and 'able'


The rule:

If the word is a full word by itself, add ‘able’.

If the word is not a full word by itself, add ‘ible’.

Example – accept is a full word by itself so add ‘able’ to make acceptable.

Example – horr is not a full word by itself so add ‘ible’ to make horrible.

Week Commencing 27th April


This week, you will be focusing on the spelling sound cian, sion or tion. 


This week, you should also be practising your spellings by applying them in some way. 

You could: 


  • Try to add as many spellings into your writing tasks this week. 
  • Create a spelling test for your family or get them to test you! 
  • Create some silly sentences with them included. 
  • Write a nonsense paragraph trying to include all the spellings. 

Week commencing 20th April 


We are revisiting words that end with…..

gue      -  this makes a ‘g’ sound e.g. tongue

que     - this make a ‘k’ sounds e.g. unique


See the link below for your spelling list and some activities you can do throughout the week.

Everyday – look, cover, spell, check the words from the list. Can you test yourself or get someone to test you on Friday?

Choose from the following activities throughout the week:

  • Find out what they all mean. Can you create a little dictionary explaining the meanings? Can you draw a picture to represent each word and hide the word somewhere inside?
  • Write them in different ways – backwards, in bubble writing, with colourful vowels, in word pyramids or create word shapes.
  • Put them into sentences – the sillier the better! Challenge yourself to include them all in a short paragraph.
  • How many more other words can you think of or find using gue or que?
  • Consider which words you are finding trickiest to remember. Can you come up with a song, rhyme or way of remembering it?

Week commencing 30th March 

This week, our spelling rule is ious!

Here are your spelling activities for the week!

Here are the Year 5/6 Statutory Spellings



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