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Year 4

Ruby has sent in some amazing writing she has done for her spooky story setting, The Attic. Have a read and see what you think.

Week 12 Home Learning - A huge shout out to these children for their amazing efforts with their writing! I'm so impressed with your work. Have a read of these Year 4 and see what you think.

Week 10


Wow. What a busy week it has been! We experienced our first virtual session with you this week and I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to see all your faces after such a long time - it really did cheer us all up. A massive thank you to everyone who logged on, on Friday to the session and we apologise if you didn't manage to get logged on. We are aware there are some issues with Microsoft Teams and are working together with our technical team to fix these. We're going to delay our virtual lessons to Wednesday 17th at 9.30am so that we can try and solve some of your problems before our next session. Fingers crossed it will be a little smoother sailing then.  


Also this week, we discovered that Jaz, our Jigsaw piece had a large hole and needed to be fixed up. Well not to worry children, he has undergone a little stitching surgery and is all better now. He's going to be Miss W's co-pilot to and from school to keep her company until you all come back to see us again! 


Another someone who's not had a simple week this week is Ms Hancock's adorable four legged friend, Lucy. Yes it was bath time for Lucy this week but I think she looks like she's enjoying it, don't you? 


Keep safe everyone and we hope to see your smiling faces on Microsoft Teams again soon.

Missing you lots Miss W, Mrs S and the whole Year 4 Team

Week 9


Can you believe we have completed the first week of our last term already? Where is the time going so fast? We hope you enjoyed some of the activities last week. We've been thinking hard about some more fun ideas for you this week, my personal favourite is the feelings graffiti artwork. I can't wait to see some of the images you produce that you can keep to remind you of this Covid-19 experience and look back on.  


During this lock down experience, there has been a lot of negative news and sad things to focus on but one thing I've loved seeing in the news is all the different animals around the world thriving due to less people populating some areas (you know Miss W loves her animals!). From donkeys roaming in the streets of India to lions napping in the road in South Africa.

While we haven't spotted any lions (sadly), Mrs Jerrom has had some squirrel visitors in her garden, Miss W has been making some spikey friends out on an evening walk and we even had a visitor on the school playing fields last week! Wow.    


We would love you to get in touch and tell us if you have seen any wonderful wildlife

All our love Miss W, Mrs S and the whole Year 4 Team

Week 8


We hope you all have a restful week off for half term and managed to enjoy the sunshine. Hopefully the sunshine will stick around for a little while longer. We've been working away on some more activities for you to have a go at this week so click away on the stars above for the tasks we've put together for you for week 8. This week includes maths work about fractions, some painting stones creations and some SPaG work based around Adverbs.  


During half term, someone celebrated a very special birthday. Can you guess who? Well, Coco the rabbit turned double digits. Yup, that's right, he celebrated his tenth birthday on May 27th. He's such an old man now! Miss W treated him to a new cage that's twice as big as his old one so he has more room to lay around when he's too tired from running round the house (old people and bunnies get tired you know).


We're loving seeing all your snippets on facebook, letters and emails so keep getting in touch with us, We really do miss each and every one of you, 


All our love, Miss W, Mrs S and the whole Year 4 Team

Half Term 


Well done Year Four for making it to May Half Term. You've earnt yourselves a well deserved rest. Go out and enjoy some sunshine in the garden! We're still missing you lots and lots. Remember to stay safe and hopefully we'll see you all soon. We'll be sending a pack out for Week 8 after the half term but until then, enjoy your week off. 


Take a leaf out of Charlotte's book and have some lazy time snoozing around the house if you like - you deserve it wink


Lots of love - the Year 4 Team 

Week 7


Click away on the stars above for the tasks we've put together for you this week. This week includes some great history learning about the Invasions of the Romans and some fresh new maths practice for fractions which was our last unit before lockdown. How much do you remember? 


What have we been up to? Well.. 

You've be forgiven for thinking that Mrs S's cat, Lynxy, is an all black cat when he's hiding out in baskets but when he comes out he's got beautiful white paws! Coco, Miss W's rabbit, has been enjoying the last of the dandelions from the garden this week, keeping Miss W very busy picking them all for his snacks.  


We're missing you all a lot!


Miss W, Mrs S and the whole Year 4 Team

Week 6


I hope you all enjoyed some VE Day celebrations on Friday! Check out each the stars above for the tasks for this week. This week includes what I think is a great reading comprehension about Robin Hood and some Roman Gods work for your topic. 


Did you know Mrs Jerrom used to have a beautiful African Grey Parrot called Alfie and that while Mrs Hancock has some spare time on her hands during lockdown, she likes to spend this dressing her adorable dog up in fancy dress? Enjoy this week's photos from us everyone. 


Keep smiling and keep safe!


Miss W, Mrs S and the whole Year 4 Team


Week 5


Hello Year Four! 

Click on the stars above for the tasks for this week. This week includes exciting clips from Reach out reporter in SMSC and VE Day Creative Tasks in Topic!

The activities are changed and adapted every week to keep them fresh and up to date. 


To keep you this week is a photo of Miss W's kitten, Charlotte, relaxing in lockdown! smiley We've decided to keep a bit of a weekly blog for you all with photos too so keep popping back to see what we've put on for you.


Keep smiling everyone - We miss you. 


Miss W, Mrs S and the whole Year 4 Team heart


Below are some really useful links to website that we think you'll find useful. There is a host of website links that are designed to be interactive and engaging for children to keep learning fun even outside of school! yes


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