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Year 6

Hi Year 6!


If you are reading this, then you are already awesome as you have chosen to do some learning from home. We admire your motivation laugh


In the weekly home learning letter section, you will find a weekly time table you can use to organise your learning throughout the week with some guidance from us. 


Also, don't forget the value and pleasure in reading a book or writing a story.

We will set up weekly Times Table Rockstar battles for the inner competitors in you all if you fancy a quick session!


We are missing you!!!!


Miss Pearce and Mrs Wiles cheeky

Time Table week 2

Above is our week commencing 30th March Time table. 

It is here so you can plan out your day of learning at home. We have linked the learning on there to everything that is on this page so please have fun whilst using these resources! yes

Week 2 Home learning list

This link includes 62 reasoning and problem solving style questions just like the types of question that you would find in the reasoning papers. The answers are all at the bottom if you scroll down. Use them wisely to check your answers and don't be tempted to peek! 
This is a link to 12 different reading comprehension texts from past SATS papers. Read the text carefully then try to answer the questions afterwards. 
Here are some arithmetic style questions from previous SATS. Feeling bold? Why not try and time yourself a minute per question!!
Here are some reasoning style questions from a range of different topics. 
These are the 3 question types that we will be revising in arithmetic this week. They include: solving missing partitions, multiplying and dividing by 10/100/1000 and long division (chunking). If you are unsure on the method of chunking, see the guidance with a completed example. 
Check this link if you are unsure on any strategies yes
Here are some reading comprehension texts and questions based on our topic at the minute, Darwin and Evolution! Enjoy! wink


  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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