Year Two

Spelling Rules

These are the weekly spelling rules that your child will be learning. We have put an explanation of the rule, some sample words and links to useful website and resources that could help your child.

Spelling Rule: The sound spelt as ge and dge at the end of words, and sometimes spelt as g or j elsewhere in words before e, i and y
Example words: badge, edge, bridge, age, huge, change, gem, giant, magic, giraffe, jacket, jar, jog, join, adjust
Flash Cards
Work Sheet


These resources include copies of the spelling booklet, worksheets and links to useful websites where you can create your own worksheets using your weekly spelling list.

Home School Spelling Booklet Year 1/2
Spelling Strategies

Spelling Websites

The following websites have a mixture of quizzes, worksheets and games for spelling.

Letter Blocks - Be careful this one’s addictive

There are many more games to try on this site.

Common misspelled words

This one is a good little tester for, you guessed it, words that are commonly misspelled. Kids are given three options and have to pick the correct one.

Struggling with grammar, punctuation or spelling? The Karate Cats are here to help!

Chop a capital letter, fly-kick a full stop or smash a sentence in this fun game for KS1 learners. Head to the dojo to train with the very best Karate Cats and rank up to become an expert in these important English SATs topics!