British Values

British Values are an important part of school life at Bentley High Street Primary. 

British values are broken into 4 key areas 


  • Everyone is listened to and children are taught to respect and listen to others ideas and opinions. Our learning monster 'Listening Larry' ensure this is embedded in classroom practise. 
  • School council representatives are voted for by their classmates and have weekly meeting where they discuss school, local, national and global issues and children are encouraged to have their say on how school is ran! 

Rule of Law 

  • The importance of laws, whether they support an individual, class, school or country are consistently taught and embedded across school. 
  • As a school we have a behaviour policy which is shared and reinforced in every classroom. 
  • Each class creates their own class rules and mission statement that are easily understood by all and are on show in class to ensure every class member is able to learn in a safe and supportive environment. 

Individual Liberty

  • Within school pupils are encouraged to make their own choices. 
  • Pupils assess their own learning and set themselves appropriate challenges. 
  • We offer a range of extra-curricular activities which children are encouraged to join.
  • Children are given the opportunity to be a school librarian, school council member and set their own targets. 

Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith. 

  • Respect is key part of our vision and values which are pupils helped create. 
  • Through SMSC children are educated on the importance of respect and tolerance. 
  • We celebrate different faiths and beliefs through our RE curriculum. 



For more information please read the attached document 'British values guidance for parents'