Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Meet the Team

Mr Fawcett
4F Class Teacher

Ms Drake
4F Class Teacher

Mrs Jerrom

Mrs Potter

Mrs Hancock

Mrs Simpson

We are so excited to have everyone back in school for the Summer Term. 

It is lovely to finally be able to welcome ALL children back into school. Our building finally has the life and soul back in it! 

In Year 4 this Year we have Miss Drake and Mr Fawcett as the teachers in each class. Mr Fawcett is supported by Miss Hancock and Mrs Marsh. Miss Drake is supported by Mrs Jerrom and Mrs Potter. 

Our Topic

This term, we are looking at Ancient Rome and our enquiry question is:

What was the Roman Empires impact on Britain? 

This will start with a 3 week history block, focused on everything from Hadrian's Wall to the Roman roads left in our country. 

After we have finished our history block, we move on to our 2 week Geography block, looking at Scotland. This will focus on researching the Roman names for Scottish places, such as Caledonia, as well the modern day cities and towns which have evolved from Roman towns. 

Our final topic, which will be 1 week long will be Art. We will study the mosaics found around Roman Britain before attempting to create our own. 

In the last week of term will be a review week, focusing on the key points from each of the previous curriculum blocks. 

Do you want more information on the Curriculum? Click here.

Our Books for Summer 2021

Our Class Book

The Witches by Roald Dahl

PE Days

Both Year 4 classes have their PE lesson on MONDAY. Please ensure your child arrives at school in their PE. They will not need to change at school. 

Not sure what PE kit to provide? Please check below.

PE Kit

During Summer months:
Children are asked to wear black shorts and a white t-shirt. As most of the PE sessions will be outside, children will also need a change of footwear. Children should wear either trainers or pumps.

During Winter months:
Children are asked to wear tracksuit bottoms (black or grey) and a white t-shirt and a jumper. Some PE lessons will be taught inside, so children should also bring shorts.

More information

For more information on PE kits, Sports Premium Money or anything to do with PE, click here.