Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Meet the Team

Miss Marsden
4M Class Teacher

Ms Drake
4D Class Teacher

Miss Shuttleworth 


Mrs Jackson 




This term we are learning...

  • What were the social classes of the Shang Dynasty? 
  • History – We will know when the Shang Dynasty took place, the six different social classes and the kings and his wives. 
  • French – We will describe people’s hair and eyes and we will know about feminine and masculine adjectives. 
  • Geography – We will know how to use four-figure grid references, ordnance surveys, compass points and sketch maps. 
  • Art – We will know how to identify organic shapes in still-life and represent still-life designs. 
  • Science – We will create simple series circuits and identify and name its basic parts. We will identify how sounds are made by finding patterns between the pitch and volume of sounds.  
  • DT – We will make a simple stir fry using a wok. 
  • RE – We will describe basic principles of Hinduism including the names of gods and goddesses. 
  • Computing – We will describe how the internet works and plan, write and record the content for a podcast.  


In maths, we are learning to.. 

  • Place Value 
  • 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s 
  • Partitioning 
  • Comparing and ordering numbers 
  • Roman numerals to 100 
  • Rounding numbers 
  • Negative numbers 
  • Addition and subtraction 
  • 4-digit numbers with an exchange 
  • Checking using the inverse 

We will be reading the following ..   

  • The Witches – Roald Dahl 
  • The Snowman – Michael Morpurgo 
  • Victory Bells – Grace Hazard Conkling 
  • Topsy Turvy World – William Brighty Rands 

In English we will be learning to 

  • Correctly form all letters 
  • Express time, cause and place using conjunctions 
  • Use fronted adverbials  
  • Link ideas across paragraphs 
  • Use apostrophes 
  • Use expanded noun phrases 
  • Use a varied and rich vocabulary 
  • Make the correct choice of pronoun or noun 
  • Create settings, characters and plot 
  • Use inverted commas and other punctuation correctly in direct speech 

Our PE day is… 

  • Friday – Please send your child with a kit to change into.  

Additional notes and comments/trips 

  • Upcoming trip – Castleton (22.02.23 – 23.02.23)