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Year 3

Hello and welcome to Year 3!




We will be starting the year off by exploring the beautiful picture book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. 

This amazing book shows you everything you need to know about living on our wonderful planet Earth. 


Our Year group author is the brilliant Dick King Smith. We will be exploring his writing all year and reading his amazing books, which include The Sheep Pig, The Fox-Busters, The Hodge-Heg and The Queen's Nose. 

I wonder what your favourite will be? 


Our first topic this year will be all about reconnecting and getting to know each other after such a strange year! We will start off with Jigsaw and explore how we feel when we are learning. We will think about what would make a dream school and a nightmare school and how we can help each other. We will then move on to exploring learning characteristics and what makes us good learners. We will also have an art focus this half term, which will be linked to our beautiful book, 'Here We Are'.


Our English will be linked to 'Here We Are'. We will be exploring description and recapping on using expanded noun phrases to describe and specify, as well as remembering how to use punctuation in our sentences consistently. 


These are the spellings we focus on in year three


We will start off on place value and we will be making sure that we recap on anything we may have missed during the previous year. 


  • Representing hundreds
  • Using tens and ones
  • Counting in hundreds
  • Numbers to 1000
  • Hundreds, tens and ones
  • Using a number line to 1000


Times tables will also be a huge focus. We will be recapping on our twos, threes and fives before moving on to learning our fours and eights. 



Important Dates - Details to follow

  • Thursday 8th October @ 11am - Virtual Harvest Festival 
  • Thursday 22nd October - Wear it Pink Day 
  • Monday 16th November  - Parent's Evening Week begins 
  • Thursday 17th December @ 11am - Virtual end of term assemblies


  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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