Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Meet the Team

Mrs Gilbert
1G Class Teacher

Miss Round
1R Class Teacher

Mrs Boyles-Simpson

Mrs Dent


How did the floods affect us?

Our enquiry question for this term is 'How did the floods affect us?'

We will begin the half term by getting to know our local area with a two week geography unit exploring Bentley, following and making simple maps and learning to give and follow basic directions including left and right.

Next, we will have a two week history unit, where we will learn all about the floods that happened in Bentley in 2007 and 2019. We will begin to use terminology like past and present, a long time ago and many years ago so that we can understand when these events happened in relation to our own lives. We will look at photos and meet people who were affected by the floods too.

Finally, we will have a week of computing. We will cover two units:

1. Computing systems and networks: improving mouse skills
Introducing children to logging in and using technology for a purpose, including creating art. 

2. Programming 1: Algorithms unplugged
Learning how computers handle information by exploring ‘unplugged’ algorithms- completing tasks away from the computer

Our PE day is Tuesday. 

Please make sure that your child comes to school wearing their PE kit on these days. Not sure about what they can wear? See below.

PE Kit
During Summer months:
Children are asked to wear black shorts and a white t-shirt. As most of the PE sessions will be outside, children will also need a change of footwear. Children should wear either trainers or pumps.

During Winter months:
Children are asked to wear tracksuit bottoms (black or grey) and a white t-shirt. Some PE lessons will be taught inside, so children should also bring shorts.

More information
For more information on PE kits, Sports Premium Money or anything to do with PE, click here.

Class Novel

Our Year One Class Stories

This half term, our class stories are all written by Judith Kerr. We will become so familiar with these stories which we read together every day and use as the focus for our writing too.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea- Judith Kerr
For the first two weeks of term, this well-known story will be our class story. Sophie and her mummy were having tea, when there was a ring at the door...

The Crocodile Under the Bed- Judith Kerr
This is our story for weeks three and four. Matty is sad because he is sick and he can't go to the Queen's birthday party. But soon, he has an even more exciting, magical adventure.

Mog the Forgetful Cat- Judith Kerr
In weeks five and six, we will be meeting one of Judith Kerr's most well-known characters- Mog the cat.