Welcome to Foundation 2

Meet the Team

Mrs Laycok

Fl Teacher 

Miss Stringer
FS Teacher

Miss McMahon

Miss Laverick 

Mrs Parks 


This term we are learning to…

  • Talk about physical and human features of our environment.
  • Talk about what a celebration is and different ways we celebrate. We will be looking at a variety of different celebrations including; Harvest Festival, Notting Hill Carnival, Christmas, Halloween, Diwali and Bonfire Night.
  • Use our senses to describe the weather and the changing seasons.  

In maths, we are learning to..

  • Link numerals to amounts up to 5
  • Say one number name for each item when counting
  • To describe 2D shapes using words like sides and corners

We will be reading the following books.. 

  • Owl Babies
  • The Enormous Turnip
  • Room on the broom
  • That’s not my Snowman
  • We’re going on a bear hunt
  • Penguin

In English we will be learning to

  • Write all the lowercase letters of the alphabet
  • Write our name
  • Write the first sound in simple words (c in cat)

Our PE day is…


Additional notes and comments/trips

  • White Post Farm – Thursday 8th December
  • Forest sessions
  • Take a book leave a book