Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Meet the Team

Mr Fearn
5F Class Teacher

Mrs Purvis

Mrs Shillito

Ms Simpson

Mrs Hancock

Ms Brogan
5B Class Teacher

Mrs Shevki
5B Class Teacher

Mrs Doran

Mrs Kour

Mrs Stephens

Mrs Dodd

See below to see what we are going to be learning! 

If you have any questions or would like to know more please do not hesitate in asking one of the team - as we are more than happy to help.  

Love from the Year 5 Team

PE Days

Our P.E. day will be on MONDAY and the children will be working with Mr Brown. Please ensure your child arrives at school in their PE. They will not need to change at school. 

Not sure what PE kit to provide? Please check below.

PE Kit

During Summer months:
Children are asked to wear black shorts and a white t-shirt. As most of the PE sessions will be outside, children will also need a change of footwear. Children should wear either trainers or pumps.

During Winter months:
Children are asked to wear tracksuit bottoms (black or grey) and a white t-shirt and a jumper. Some PE lessons will be taught inside, so children should also bring shorts.

More information

For more information on PE kits, Sports Premium Money or anything to do with PE, click here.

Our Topic this Autumn Term is Earth & Space 

Has the Space Race been won? 

This term, we are looking at Earth & Space and our enquiry question is Has the Space Race been won?

We are starting the term with three weeks of Science enquiry, reflecting on prior learning and discovery and discussing new areas that have not been learnt yet. We will be making a class solar system for our display using all the new knowledge gained and will be doing lots of experiments to develop our enquiry skills.

Then we will be looking at History for a week, whereby we will explore Earth & Spacesecuring our understanding of  technology advancements chronologically as well as thinking up some historically valid questions about change. 

Two weeks of Geography, moves us onto understanding specific focus in our planet Earth and what makes it unique. 

Then in our final week before half term we will have Review week.  This week is a reflection week of all we have learnt and gives us a chance to cover areas that need more focus. 

Class Novel

The kid who came from space - Ross Welford

A small village is rocked by the disappearance of Tammy, 12. Only her twin brother, Ethan knows she is safe - and the extraordinary truth of where she is. It is a secret he must keep or risk never seeing her again. 

But that doesn't mean he's going to give up. 

Together with his friends Iggy and the mysterious (and very hairy) Hellyann, Ethan is about to go on a nail-biting chase to get his sister back...that will take him further than anyone has ever been before. 

We love reading this book in Year 5 and we are really excited that we are starting with it this year! It has some amazing imagery and language in it which we can really discuss and delve deeper into!