Mathematics expresses itself everywhere and in almost every aspect of life. From the nature all around us to the technology in our hands. A sound basis in Mathematics and solid numeracy skills, along with the skills of reasoning, logical thinking and problem solving, feed into many future careers and aspects of life in a modern society. It is therefore our unwavering intention that all pupils, regardless of their backgrounds, leave Bentley High Street equipped with the best possible understanding of Mathematics to succeed at life and ultimately benefit their chances of employment and benefit families and communities. 

It is our intent that:

  • Children master and use basic facts to automaticity 
  • They develop fluency in the fundamentals of Mathematics
  • All children reason mathematically to a high standard and confidently create complete chains of logical reasoning 
  • Children are able to use and apply the correct mathematical vocabulary and fully articulate their thinking
  • Children have a sound understanding of the language and context of mathematics leading to deep understanding of problem-solving contexts
  • Children confidently solve problems from a young age, linking to and applying all areas of mathematics 
  • Children are efficient mathematicians – able to metacognitively draw upon and evaluate the best strategies in a given situation
  • Children’s long term memory is developed in Maths to increase chances of success in later life
  • Children develop transferrable skills to use and apply in other curriculum areas 
  • Learning in small steps with a clear sequence of learning promotes a keep up not catch up ethos. 
  • Children at all stages to discover the beauty that is the cohesiveness of mathematics, how concepts build and how concepts link together. This is achieved by reviewing prior learning and building on in small steps, noting at every opportunity how things fit into the bigger picture of maths

Below is our Mathematics curriculum in school and how it is taught. 

For further information regarding our Maths curriculum, please contact our Maths lead Miss Pearce.