Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Meet the Team

Miss Pearce
6P Class Teacher


Miss Rhodes
6R Class Teacher

Mrs Saunders


This term we are learning...

Were all children impacted the same in World War II?

Children will look at the way that the war impacted upon different groups of children throughout Europe differently. They will develop their map skills and knowledge of UK cities in Geography and develop their understanding of Light and Electricity in Science. They will apply their learning of electricity and WW2 to design and make a device that would help during the blackout in DT lessons. Our termly trip to Eden camp will enhance this topic and our learning of WWII

In maths, we are learning to..

  • Understand the place value of digits up to ten million.
  • Work with increasingly larger numbers when calculating and rounding
  • Perform calculations using all four operations
  • Understand squared, cubed, prime and composite numbers.
  • Understand factors, multiples and the order of operations.
  • Understand problem solving approaches to multi-step problems

We will be reading the following books..

  • The boy in the striped pyjamas

In English we will be learning to...

  • Develop cohesion in our writing
  • Apply a range of subordination
  • Use parenthesis to give extra information
  • Understand the features of biographies, recounts and diary writing.

Our PE day is…


Additional notes and comments/trips

Eden Camp 5th October 2022