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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team


Miss R. Austwick - Head Teacher

Mrs M. Davey - Deputy Head Teacher, Foundation Phase Leader (Maternity leave from end of September) 

Miss K. Pearce - Deputy Head Teacher (Year only) Assistant Head Teacher, Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Mrs H. Cartwright - Assistant Head Teacher, Acting Foundation Phase Leader, Special Educational Needs Coordinator


Mrs J. Gilbert - Phonics and Key Stage 1 Phase Leader

Miss H. Kidd - Joint Key Stage 1 Phase Leader 

Mrs C. Wiles- Interventions Lead and SENCO (Maternity leave from Autumn 2) 

Mr Fearn - Reading lead 


Office Manager - Mrs V. Wood

Pastoral Manager - Mrs S. Beresford 

Ms R Austwick-Head Teacher
Mrs M. Davey - Deputy Head Teacher
Miss K. Pearce - Deputy Head Teacher/ Assistant Head Teacher Key Stage 2 Phase Leader
Mrs H. Cartwright - Assistant Head Teacher/ SENCO and EYFS Lead
Mrs J. Gilbert - Key Stage 1 Phase Leader
Mrs C. Wiles - SENCO

Office team

Mrs V Wood
Mrs J Old
Mrs A Robinson
Mrs L Warrener
Mr I Hitchman

Site team

Mr M Wright
Mr B Shephard

Midday supervisors

Ms B Partlow
Mrs K Box
Mrs C Shillito
Mrs K Richardson
Mrs T Miller
Ms C Scott
Mrs P Jackson
Ms S Foster
Miss D Gooch
Mrs C Warne
Ms T Waugh
Ms D Buttrick
Ms G Lee
Mrs J Burton

Middle Leaders

Miss H. Kidd - ITT and induction coach, Kagan Lead and Learning Environment Coordinator

Mr A Fearn- Reading Lead

No. 1

Mrs K. Scott  - Manager

Mrs K. Hickman - Playworker 

Foundation 1

Mrs Macphee - Class Teacher  

Mrs Kenny - Class Teacher

             Miss McGarry - LSA

Mrs Pennant- LSA

Mrs Taylor- LSA


Foundation 2


Miss Stringer - FS Class Teacher

Mrs Parks - FS HLTA

Mrs Baines - SEN LSA 

Mrs Cartwright - FCG Class Teacher 

Miss Grey - FCG Class Teacher 

Mrs Drohan- FCG Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Mrs Gilbert - 1G Class Teacher, Joint Key Stage 1 Phase Leader

Mrs Simpson-Boyles - 1G HLTA

Mrs Round - 1R Class Teacher

Mrs Dent - 1R LSA

Mr Sarpong - SEN LSA

Year 2

Miss Kidd - 2K Class Teacher

Miss Reeves - 2K HLTA 

Miss Booth - 2B Class Teacher

Miss Brailey - 2B LSA 

Mrs Foster - 2B LSA 



Year 3

Mr Adamson - 3A Class Teacher

Mrs Day - 3A HLTA 

Miss Shuttleworth - 3A LSA 

Miss Rhodes - 3R Class Teacher

Miss Ayres - 3R LSA 

Mrs Long - 3R LSA 


Year 4

Mrs Shevki - 4S Class Teacher

Mrs Hancock - 4C LSA 

Miss Waterhouse - 4W Class Teacher

Mrs Kour - 4W Class Teacher 

Year 5

Mrs Wiles - 5W Class Teacher

Mrs West - 5W Class Teacher

Mrs Jerrom - 5W HLTA

Mr Fawcett - 5F Class Teacher

Mrs Purvis - 5F HLTA 


Year 6

Miss Pearce - 6P Class Teacher 

Mrs Mannion - 6P HLTA 

Mr Fearn - 6F Class Teacher 

Mrs Saunders - 6F HLTA 

Mrs Dodd - SEN LSA 

Mrs Potter - SEN LSA 




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