School Council



Our School Council and Mrs Davey meet weekly to discuss current issues and initatives around our school.

We elect 2 members from each class from year 2 upwards.  Each member is selected through class votes and represent their class in the regular meetings. 

Throughout the year, we meet regularly to discuss events in school, national, global news and mental health and well being. 

We read the minutes to our class and gather ideas that children have about improving our school.

We aim to work closely with our school and wider community to make a real difference for our children and the place we live. 

Already this year we have: 

- Lead an assembly introducing school council and their aims. 

- Researched and voted for a local charity our school would like to support this year. 

- Help plan a charity bake sale. 

- Planned anti-bullying week. 

- Conducted a behaviour walk and fedback to our classes. 

Our School Council Values

As a School Council member, we strive to be:








School council minutes 

School Council Meeting Minutes - 2022

School Council Meeting Minutes - 2021