At Bentley High Street it is our intent to ensure that each child learns to the best of their ability within the rights-respecting ethos of the school. We strive to ensure that all pupils have equal access to the curriculum and thereby feel valued and appreciated. It is our belief that children should have access to an inclusive environment that is aware of the individual needs of every pupil regardless of their language, background and previous experiences of education. We want our children to feel represented in a curriculum that incorporates a variety of backgrounds and views. From the moment pupils enter school we aim to remove barriers that stand in the way of our EAL pupils learning and success. We believe a good relationship with parents/carers is imperative in order to promote community cohesion and to support parents with their child’s learning and development.

EAL Intent, Implementation and Impact

Subject leader: Rachel Stringer & Francesca Booth




To ensure each child learns to the best of their ability regardless of EAL.

  • Colourful Semantics

Pupils who have been identified as needing additional support with language development are receiving small group interventions.

  • Resources and vocabulary mats

Pupils have vocabulary mats and resources that are accessible in class. This includes key words and terminology as well as actions with visual clues e.g. toilet, line up etc.

  • Pre-teach packs

Teachers pre-plan for subject specific vocabulary and send home these packs before every new topic area. This explains what the new learning will be and the steps involved as well as key vocabulary.

  • Children will achieve age related in their year group
  • Children will be actively engaged and sufficiently challenged
  • Children will be able to participate fully in topics and understand the vocabulary.
  • Children will communicate effectively with others using a variety of vocabulary.

To have access to an inclusive environment.

  • Curriculum

We deliver pupils a wide range of experiences beyond school, such as national celebrated events and theme days from a range of backgrounds, races, religions and cultures. They receive access to a diverse curriculum that teaches children to respect and value others and to celebrate our differences.


  • Children will learn about others celebrating their similarities and differences.
  • Children will feel a sense of belonging.
  • Children will respect and value others.

To have a good relationship with parents/carers.  

  • Weekly leaflets shared

Teachers update learning weekly and this is shared with parents on the website and via parent mail.

  •  Parents/carers feel welcomed supported in an inclusive environment.

Support for Parents

Supporting your child to develop their English Language skills 

  • Look at books using the following link where you can translate from English to your home language to support understanding of books and stories - Story weaver link
  • Follow the link to this useful website where your child can play games that will support them developing their English language skills:  Games to learn english
  • Signing songs with your child e.g. head shoulders knees and toes to support their language acquisition of body parts. 
  • Make a ‘Remember Me’ book containing a log of new words and vocabulary learnt alongside pictures to support memory.