School Uniform

Please make sure that all items of uniform including coats are clearly labelled with your child’s name. This will help us to prevent items getting lost. Children are asked not to wear jewellery. If necessary one small pair of stud ear-rings and a watch will be permitted. However, the school will not take responsibility for any items that are lost or stolen.

Dress code for our school:

  • Red Sweatshirt/Jumper/Cardigan/Red or White Polo shirt / T-shirt
  • White Shirt/ Blouse
  • Black or Grey Trousers/ Skirt/pinafore
  • Black Shoes (if trainers avoid bright colours and logos). Alternatively, black plimsolls may be worn inside with old shoes/ trainers for outdoor wear at playtimes, lunchtimes, etc.

PE Kit:

Indoor PE Kit: Black shorts and White T-shirts are to be worn.

Please do not send football shirts or other coloured T-shirts for PE.

Outdoor Games Kit:

Children should have a pair of pumps or training shoes for outdoor games lessons. Many children also wear dark coloured, plain tracksuits for outdoor games.

If you wish your child to wear stud ear-rings please ensure they are able to remove the earrings themselves for PE lessons.


We expect a sensible approach to hairstyles. Whilst doing PE long hair should be tied up with a soft band.

Equipment and PE:

  • Children in KS2 are allowed to bring into school their own pencil case. However, this is not an expectation. If children do choose to do this, they are responsible for their own equipment.
  • All children are encouraged to bring a labelled water bottle into school
  • School uniform must be worn at all times; however, children should come into school wearing their PE kit on PE days. Class teachers will confirm this day with parents using parentmail.
  • If children have 100% weekly attendance, they can wear their own top on a Friday as part of ‘Fashion Friday’
  • Children are encouraged to bring their reading book to school each day, along with their planner.
  • If it is necessary, on occasion, for children to bring a mobile phone, for contact purposes after school for example, then it must be handed in at the office for safe-keeping. It will be the responsibility of the child to collect it at the end of the day.