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Here at Bentley High Street Primary, we understand the importance of reading and the impact that quality teaching of this can have on a child's future. Our goal is that every child who is with us experiences a wide range of literature to help develop their curiosity and interest in the wonders on what reading has to offer. We ensure that the teaching of reading is done through texts that capture the children's imaginations and we will always help a child who requires additional support. You can find out more information about how the school aims to teach reading and our justification for this on the document below.
We value the importance of teaching children to read for pleasure. The more a child reads then the more words they exposed to and the greater their vocabulary becomes. In turn, they are then better equipped to articulate themselves and make greater advances in their writing. There are many ways to encourage children to read for pleasure and the following document outlines why this is crucial to children who attend primary schools.

Reading Challenges for 01/02/21 - 26/03/21

If your child is in Key Stage 2 then they have been given an account on Accelerated Reader. This allows us to be able to make sure that your child has a reading book that is perfectly suited to their reading ability and offers the right amount of challenge. On a lot of books, there will be a quiz available which children will be encouraged to complete in school after reading a book. However they can also do this at home too! If they click on the link below, it will take them to a secure server which is specific to our school (and should look like the image below). They simply just need to then click 'I am a student', enter their log in details and click on Accelerated Reader. Your child will have had a demonstration on how to use this in the classroom, however if you need any help, please speak to your class teacher. 


You can view our expectations for different participants on Accelerated Reader below which may provide additional information.

Reading Online 


We are pleased to share with you a wide range of eBooks that every child in our school is able to access. Simply visit this website, and use the below information to log in. Once online, you will be able to read hundreds of books on your electronic devices. If you experience any log in difficulties, please contact your child's class teacher.


Year Username Password
F1 bentleyf1 macphee
FCG bentleyfcg gray
F2S bentleyf2s stringer
1G bentley1gg gilbert
1R bentley1r round
2B bentley2b booth
2K bentley2k kidd
3A bentley3a adamson
3R bentley3r rhodes
4W bentley4ww waterhouse
4S bentley4s shevki
5W bentley5w west
5F bentley5d fawcett
6P bentley6p pearce
6F bentley6f mrfearn


We have separated all the documents that we use in to the following areas. Feel free to have a look. If you need to ask anything, just come into school and ask any staff member about reading.

Class Texts Used in School

Reading Challenges

Have you read a fantastic story that you're not quite ready to leave alone just yet? In your reading journals you will find a wonderful range of reading challenges to complete about the books you have been reading. We have included the reading challenges here for you to have a look at too. 

Different Aspects of Learning

For further information regarding our reading curriculum in school, please contact our reading lead, Mr Fearn.


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