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Remote Learning

Remote learning plan - September 2021 


The school has adopted a Tiered Approach


1. Individual child self-isolating

2. Bubble closure/year group

3. Whole school closure


To prepare and plan for the possibility of closure. It is essential that the school collates the following information from all families. This will be collected as part of our induction processes:


  • Email address for school correspondence
  • Consent for the delivery of resources and packs
  • Team logins created for all children- families provided with guidance on how to access this
  • School website/social media/youtube channel recommended to all families as a platform for communication
  • The availability of electronic devices is ascertained for all families

Remote learning information for parents

Parents - teams information

In our recent survey with parents, here's what you said about our remote learning and our online lessons:

  • It has been better for more of a routine with Microsoft teams

  • My eldest struggles with maths, it's not our strong suit either, so I worry she is falling behind. Year 5 teachers have been fab supporting her via Teams.

  • My child is enjoying online lessons

  • Microsoft teams has allowed engagement which has been really beneficial

  • She’s loving the online lessons as she can connect her tablet to the tv and make it bigger to see what she has to do!

  • We have appreciated the 121 virtual lessons and I do feel it has eased my child's concerns a little.

In order to increase communication with home learning and remote learning, we will be using the Seesaw app to send any learning to class teachers. Please see the above PowerPoint to give instructions on how to access this from home and speak to your child's class teacher if you need assistance or advice on getting started.

TEAMs Online lesson protocols



  • Make sure you are in a quiet room if possible when we video call you, so we can hear each other.
  • Have your parents nearby.
  • Make sure you are appropriately dressed.
  • Make sure you stick to the appropriate time. If you miss your session time, then another one will be arranged by the staff member and your parents. Please do not contact us this way other than at your mentoring or lesson time.
  • Ensure that there is no recording of the session. No pictures or videos are to be taken during the session.
  • Be polite and always show good behaviour and respect.
  • In a mentoring session, we will only talk about things that you feel comfortable to talk about. We might ask about how you are feeling just like we would do in a session at school. Everything we talk about will stay private but if you tell us something that worries us, we will have to tell someone else.




  • Ensure that the time and date is predetermined and communicated to parents.
  • Ensure that you are in a suitable place – this should be in school wherever possible. If this is not possible, and staff are working from home, this should be a suitable room (avoid bedrooms) with minimal noise and away from other people.
  • If conducting a lesson/mentoring session from home, ensure that another staff member is also virtually present. No staff will conduct a virtual session from home alone.
  • If conducting a mentoring session from home, ensure that your family members are not privy to any information being shared by the children. When mentoring, the information discussed may be of a sensitive nature. Be aware of and discuss this with any of your family members who may enter the room.
  • Contact children at the arranged time and date only. This will be agreed beforehand and if it needs to be changed, will be agreed through parents.
  • Contact children through agreed channel only - Microsoft Teams.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the session inline with the usual staff code of conduct.
  • Ensure that there is no recording of the session. No pictures or videos are to be taken during the session.
  • Be aware of any tabs open on your browser if sharing screen.

If you need any support accessing remote learning you can contact a member of our admin team on: 





(01302) 874536

Or leave your contact details and message here then a member of the team will be in contact.



  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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